The Essence Of Ludlow

The Essence Of Ludlow
One could say growing up in California is a bit of a daydream. I was eight years old when my humble midwest childhood days were over as we were soon to embark on a new life in sunny Southern California. As a kid, the transition wasn't the easiest leaving a cul de sac full of bestfriends to being the new kid on the block. 
To be quite honest, my younger years were quite difficult for me. I had less popular interests, like after-school sewing classes and I wasn't always confident in my own skin. I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others and wishing I had what the other kids had. In school, it felt as though clothes defined you and the car you drove determined how “cool” you were. While many kids drove the newest beemers, I drove a rusty green 1993 Range Rover – this was car that humbled me and opened my eyes to the world of vintage. I became curious about the old charming collectables my grandparents held onto and shopping second hand because I couldn't afford to buy designer clothing.
“ Over time shopping second hand out of necessity turned into my most treasured hobby. ”
Reflecting on my younger years cruising the coast in my '93 County, it felt important to share more of what California means to me through photography. Merging my admiration for vintage and love for this coastal lifestyle, I hoped to capture what Ludlow is to me. Easy, timeless and humbly cool.
Madison Ludlow 
photos: @littlebrittanyyy
models: @gabbymarchese @woe_zilliams
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