My trip to Brimfield, Massachusetts.

My trip to Brimfield, Massachusetts.
When I left my full time job to pursue Ludlow I knew it would be hard work on many fronts. What I've come to realize most of all, to be a good antique dealer, there is the physical toll not many talk about. 
The days started early, 4am to be exact. We woke up, made coffee and threw on our most comfortable walking shoes (we would need these for the 12-14 hour days of hunting) and hit the road for an hour long drive to the Brimfield. As we pulled onto the main road of hundreds of booths, the sun was still making its way into the crisp cold sky and it was clear we were not the first people there.
I'm not the most competitive person but here I had to be. Each day we arrived earlier and earlier. As the flood gates opened to each “event”, people began to run (and I mean sprint) so naturally I followed suit. My eyes scanning a mile and minute, looking for racks of clothing, beautiful antique textiles, anything that felt like Ludlow. Running in and out of booths, cash in hand, dragging my 60 lb cart full of clothing, 
“I was knee deep in the antique amazing race.”  
This trip was a whirlwind, a blur. But hey, you won't catch me complaining. If this is what I have to do, to do what I love and bring you nothing but the absolute best, then I'm in. 
I am committed, passionate and truly thankful this is the journey I'm on.
xx Madison Ludlow
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